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Spay & Neuter


Cancellations or reschedules made within 48 hours of the scheduled appointment will loose their non - refundable scheduling fee. Cancellation made before the 48 hour window will receive a credit on their account. 


Spay (female)
4-49 lbs $200+
50-70 lbs $300+
We do not spay dogs 70 lbs or over.

Neuter (male)
4-49lbs $150+
50-69 lbs $200+
70-99lbs $290+

100-150lbs $390+

Additional charges may apply. Please see blue print at bottom of page.

Spay (female) * $120+ Options
Neuter (male) $100+ Options

Additional charges may apply. Please see blue print at bottom of page.

To secure the scheduled appointment date we require a scheduling fee of half the surgery cost (example: $100 deposit for $200 canine spay). The scheduling fee will go towards the total cost of procedure at the time of checking out. Failure to pay the scheduling fee in allotted time will result in loss of appointment date.  

*There will be additional charges for pets that are found to be in heat at the time of their surgery, as these surgeries require more staff, time, and materials. This fee for cats is $50-100 in addition to the spay cost. We will not accept any dogs for surgery that are deemed in active heat, we will reschedule these appointments as necessary for the health of your pet. For dogs that are not outwardly showing heat signs at check in, but it is discovered during surgery that they are indeed in heat (swollen uterus and pedicles) or have pyometra (infection of the uterus), there will be an additional charge of $50-100. We will not spay any pets that are suspected to be pregnant. Spay surgeries are only performed on Tuesdays and Fridays. Please contact us by phone 843-556-7387 with any questions or to schedule a surgery appointment. We cannot schedule surgeries via email.

***Proof of Rabies required for all surgical patients. Please be ready to provide your pets Rabies Certificate. You are welcome to bring the certificate with you at check in or email it to us before your pets appointment. 

For your pet’s safety, we highly recommend bloodwork with any surgery or dental procedure. Bloodwork allows us to screen your pet’s organ function to help ensure that your pet can safely make it through anesthesia. Pets with liver or kidney conditions need special considerations before anesthesia. Senior pets (any pet over the age of 7yrs), purebreds (prone to genetic disorders, like clotting issues, etc), or any pet that has any medical considerations, bloodwork is strongly recommended or may be required.

Cold Laser Therapy (K-Laser) is offered as an option for most surgeries and dentals. If requested, our staff will perform Cold Laser Therapy on your pet’s incision (after surgery) or gingiva (after a dental). The cold laser will hyper-excite your pets white blood cells in the area(s) treated, enabling them to work more efficiently and promote cell regeneration. The cells carry more blood and oxygen to the area, which in turn speeds healing. In most cases, cold laser therapy can cut typical healing time (10-14 days) in half. It also helps tremendously with post surgical inflammation. 

All surgery patients are released with specific instructions for the pet's post surgical care. Complications are rare, if these post surgical directions are followed. 

Kindly give us a 48 hour notice on all surgery cancellations or reschedules. Cancellations or reschedules within 48 hours of appointment will result in a loss of the scheduling fee.


For all neuters it is required for them to have both testicles descended for prices above to apply. If your pet does not have both testicles descended that classifies him as cryptorchid. To schedule cryptorchid neuters a general physical is required, there is also an additional charge for such procedures that will be determined at the time of exam. 

***All prices subject to change***

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