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Clinic Walk-In Hours:

Closed on Friday July 5th & Saturday July 6th


Tuesday 5pm-7pm (capped at 40 patients on Tuesdays)
Wednesday: 9am-12pm

Saturday: 9am-3pm
(**All patients must be signed in 30 minutes before closing**)

All pets must have a valid rabies certificate or receive a $15 rabies vaccine at the time of the appointment. To pick up medication during Med - Pickup hours your pet is required to have been examined within the last year during our walk-in clinic hours and have an up to date rabies vaccine. Tuesday evenings are the only times that we offer early sign in, we have surgery pick up at 4pm, so you can sign in as early as 4pm, but we start seeing pets at 5pm. 


Medication Pick - Up Hours

Wednesday: 4pm-6pm
Friday: 4pm-6pm

(During these hours we do not have the veterinarian. We are unable to see pets for exams, vaccines, written prescriptions, etc.)


Surgery Hours

(Pets must have a valid rabies certificate at the time of the appointment or receive a $15 rabies vaccine)

Tuesday & Friday by appointment only

Drop off: 8:00AM (late arrivals are not accepted)

Pick Up: 4:00PM - 6:00PM

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