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Labs & Testing

These bloodwork panels allow us to check for several different diseases and conditions from a small sample of the pet's blood. The panels check the function of various internal organs including liver, kidneys, and pancreas. It also checks the electrolyte status of the blood. The different panels offer different numbers of function tests with the Comprehensive being the most complete.  
CBC stands for "Complete Blood Count". The CBC checks and quantifies the amount of cells in a sample of whole blood such as Red Blood Cells (RBC), White Blood Cells (WBC), Monocytes, Leukocytes, etc. The CBC allows us to check for infections and dehydration.
These tests are a picture of the blood in that moment...they change over time, which could be a matter of hours, days or months depending on the animals condition. These tests are a way for us to monitor the health of the pet and are recommended for many different reasons. Some of these reasons include annual screening for senior pets, pets going into surgery, and of course animals with illness. Bloodwork can give us more information which helps us to make more informed decisions about the best treatment(s) for your pet.

Labs, Testing, & Services 

As a small family owned business we do not have imaging. We provide care for minor illnesses only if your pet requires further care we may recommend a full service vet or refer you to a specialist.

Nail Trim $20
Dewormer $10
Anal Gland Expression $20
Ear Swab Exam $25
Skin Scrape $25
Tape Cytology $25
Fecal Exam $20
Microchipping $40
Parvo Test $45
Cytopoint Injection (allergy shot) $35+


Routine Blood Tests
Heartworm Test (canines over 6 months of age) $30
FeLV/FIV Test (feline) $35

Bloodwork Panels
Comprehensive Blood Chemistry Panel with CBC $85
Pre-Anesthetic Blood Chemistry Panel with CBC $65
CBC $25
Thyroid Panel $45

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