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Dental Cleaning


Cancellations or reschedules made within 48 hours of the scheduled appointment will loose their non - refundable scheduling fee. Cancellation made before the 48 hour window will receive a credit on their account. Cerenia Injection (anti nausea injection) is required at the time of surgery for any brachycephalic pets.

Brachycephalic Fee - $50

This is added to all brachycephalic pets for any surgery.

Dental Cleaning

Dental cleanings are $300. Any additional bloodwork, medications, or extractions are not included in the cleaning price.

Dental Extractions

Dental extractions are $10 - $100 per tooth (not including the price of the cleaning) depending on location and difficulty.


Dental Cleaning

Dental Cleanings are recommended yearly for all pets and as often as 6 months for some pets. Our dental trophy includes tooth scaling (cleaning) and polishing. There are additional charges for any nessicary dental work and medications. Extractions are $10 - $100 per tooth, depending on the difficulty involved in its removal. Medications may be prescribed for any present infection or for pets that have had any extractions. Bloodwork is recommended for all pets and required for pets over 7 years of age. It is required for pets over 7 years of age to come in for a general physical exam and to have bloodwork performed prior to scheduling dental cleaning appointment.

For your pets safety, we highly recommend bloodwork with any surgery or dental procedure. Bloodwork allows us to screen your pet's organ function to help ensure that your pet can safely make it through anesthesia. Pets with liver or kidney conditions need special considerations before anesthesia. Senior pets (any pet over the age of 7yrs), purebreds (prone to genetic disorders, like clotting issues, etc), or any pet that has any medical considerations, bloodwork is strongly recommended or may be required.

All surgery patients are released with specific instructions for the pets post surgical care. Complications are rare, if these post surgical directions are followed.

* All prices are subject to change*

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